Photos from Projections

11:15 PM

Again with another photo set, but this is visual art after all. These were shot by Lisa Ann of Somewhere in Time Photography at the Projections gallery show on 9.10.10 at Million Fishes gallery in San Francisco.

This was the first galley show I curated, and I intend to do many more! The one-night event featured interactive and experimental works in video by Rich DDT, Mary Franck, Jon Ferran and myself.

Pieces included Ferran's projected 3D facial recognition robot "TV Guy," DDT's cosmos channeling "Galaxy Conduit," which has been on tour at festivals up and down the west coast, a stunning video loop by Franck, a naturally occurring "Pythagoras Tree" I discovered in consumer electronics and more.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you fully immersed in your element at your gallery show, these were brilliant interactive exhibits, that were reminiscent of earlier days at the exploratorium, and tech museums! Only this was far cooler on a grownup scale!