Photos from LoveTech 12.18.10

8:58 PM

Check out a brand new photo set from LoveTech, last Saturday 10.18.10 at Il Pirata in San Francisco, courtesy of our friend Twita.

This month's edition featured the sultry face-melting sounds of Moldover, Henry Strange, Ribotto, William Light and Exillon, as well as four different interactive areas, including: Rich DDT's Digital Jam Lounge, Mzo's Cinema Jockey, Sid Gabriel's Light Nucleus and my Vocal Chaos Lab.

Mzo gave a short talk and a demonstration of Cinema Jockey, a new interface he created for the iPad with TouchOSC. The interface drives software that mashes up video clips and can be used for generating live audio-reactive visuals to accompany musical performances.

I also gave a brief talk on optical feedback and a demonstration of Vocal Chaos Lab. The piece illustrates the concept of manipulating a video feedback loop with an audio signal, the human voice in this case.

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