Slayers Club + LoveTech 2 Year Anniversary!

2:31 PM

For the past few weeks I've been hard at work helping plan the Slayers Club + LoveTech 2 Year Anniversary show, 1.28.11 at Public Works in San Francisco, the most mindblowingly epic music, technology and art event of the decade!

The show is a collaboration between two amazing Bay Area crews, an amazing new venue and dozens of local electronic musicians, DJs, visualists, VJs, new media artists, dancers, painters and a whole slew of other wonderful people.

My role has been to organize the art spaces at the show, and I am once again honored to be working with an extremely talented group of local artists.

The show will feature two interaction zones packed with an array of interactive new media art and technology. Several pieces will be premiered at the show, and other pieces will give viewers the chance to play with some of the same new technology used on stage.

In addition to organizing, I will be displaying what may be the last iteration of my Laser Feedback Lab installation. I hope everyone can make it out to this incredible event.

Please visit for presale tickets and more information.

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