Sustainable dream utopia

11:32 PM

Dreams have always fascinated me, and a few nights ago I had a particularly interesting one. I dreamed of a totally sustainable, self contained, Utopian human settlement set among the ruins of a formerly devastated society.

Some massive ecological disaster happened centuries in the past, humans managed to survive and rebuilt society in a better way, coexisting with nature.

It was a very visual dream, so to represent it more accurately, I recreated the settlement using the old SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit that I spent hours playing with as a kid.

The settlement consists of a large arcology structure with a few surrounding buildings, in the middle of a massive crater.

The edge of the crater was lined with the ruins of a destroyed city. Presumably, the old city sprawled across the entire map at one point in time. An asteroid or man-made disaster destroyed most of the old city and left a huge crater in its place, which was overtaken by nature centuries later.

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