I do beverage consulting. Anything and everything from cocktail menus, bar programs, catering programs, one-off events, weird immersive beverage experiences, no-alcoholic cocktails, historical contextual soirĂ©es, etc, the weirder the better.  Really. Here's some projects I've worked on. Please contact me if you're interested. Here are some of my previous clients. Cheers!

Quixote Games - 2014-2016

Quixote Games produces an immersive, murder/mystery sort of party game experience for private and corporate clients, as well as events open to the public, called The Racket. It's a grand time! Everyone dresses up in their Film Noir best and tries to murder and extort all of their friends for game money. When you die, you typically get to hang out in the morgue/bar and have a drink.

I started working with them in 2014 when they had just begun testing the game out on groups of friends, pushing it to its limits and turning it into the successful business it is today. In 2016 I developed a beverage catering program that they could offer to private clients. Full packages of custom cocktails at different price points and different levels of service, themed appropriately to the game aesthetics and easy to deploy in all of the various settings where they would host the game. 

Brilliant Elixir - 2014

Brilliant Elixir is a cool company run by a couple of guys I met through the art scene in San Francisco. They make a range of non-alcoholic, herbal beverages that have different buzzy effects. One of the founders suffered a disease that prevented him from drinking alcohol ever again and he missed the ritual of imbibing, so he came up with these alternative beverages.

I really appreciated the idea behind their company and created some non-alcoholic cocktails for them, using their products as the base. I chose ingredients that anyone could procure easily and created some delicious drinks. It was an exciting challenge to work with a non-spirit base.