Unconventional Doodles 2013-2017
Found Art, Multimedia, Paper, Ink

Unconventional Doodles are found-art ballpoint pen drawings collected from hotel meeting rooms and conference halls. The doodles are the abandoned musings of bored conference attendees - a form of folk art, and at the same time, a commentary on modern corporate culture. 

The growing collection of original doodles can be viewed at Further works and gallery shows are planned.

Center for Interdimensional Research 2013-2017
Multimedia, Performance Art

The Center for Interdimensional Research project is an ongoing, experiential, immersive science fiction story set within the context of modern-day media.

CiDR is a combination of performance art, multimedia, visual installation art, web art, science fiction writing and choose your own adventure storytelling that continues to evolve and unfold.

Laser Feedback Lab 2010
Live Video, CRT Monitor

This video art piece, reminiscent of some of Nam June Paik's works in the 60's and 70's, invited viewers to interact with an analog video feedback loop using handheld lasers and glass objects. By presenting an intriguing and nostalgic visual object, the piece invited interaction and collaboration among viewers.

Laser Feedback Lab was featured at several events and exhibitions from 2010-2011.

Macroscope 2010

Live Video, Projection

Macroscope presented a fluid, ever-changing environment that viewers could interact with directly through physical movement. Macroscope was first presented at the Projections gallery show, curated by Justyn Myers, at Million Fishes Arts collective in 2010.